Training Treasures

Competitive Dog Training Gear

Small Links (2.25 mm)

Micro Links (1.6 mm)

Large links (3.0 mm)

Incognito Collars

The Incognito Collar is made like a Martingale Collar with Prongs and a metal side release buckle. The prongs are braided into the leather.  You can choose 1 solid color or 2 colors.

Herm Sprenger with Small Links (2.25 mm)

prong collars are made with small (2.25mm) links 

Chrome plated HS collar with Buckle & Leather..                          $35.00

Black Stainless Steel HS collar with Buckle & Leather.                  $55.00


micro prong collar (1.6 mm)

Micro prong collars have 1.6 mm links and can be made with your choice of color plastic buckle or black metal buckle.